Free OPEN: Six Life Changing Principles - Chapter One

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Discover Six Life Changing Principles That are Easy to Implement, but Difficult to Master.

Feeling stuck in life? Like you need a change but you don't know what to change?

Is your life on autopilot, and you're miserable?

Do you feel like you're stuck, and you can't move on?

Are you stuck in your comfort zone, and feeling trapped?

Open is a powerful book, but will require effort to unlock its potential. It provides a crystal clear lens through which you can see solutions to the problems that stop you from achieving your goals, enjoying your life to the fullest, and touching the lives of others powerfully.

Here is what this book can offer you:

  • Learn what you have in common with the characters of The Wizard of Oz and why it's holing you back. (Page 9)
  • The three types of lies and their devastating consequences. (Page 14)
  • The difference between listening and hearing and why it matters. (Page 32)
  • Three keys to better communication. (Page 42)
  • Three keys to creating your home as a fortress, confident and secure in a world of uncertainty. (Page 55)
  • A four step, easy to remember system to keep moving forward and fight discouragement. (Page 75)
  • Expertly designed actions steps in each chapter to help you start living out these principles
  • And much more!

Hit the button and start with these six life changing principles. Apply these principles in your everyday life for yourself, your family, and your community.

You'll learn how to live your life, instead of just letting it happen.